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Anxiety is a Combination of 4 Things

Anxiety is a combination of 4 things: Unidentified Anger Hurt Fear and Self Pity. We expect error, rejection, humilation, and actually start to anticipate it. When you are anxious which are you expecting? Error? Rejection? Or humiliation? © Tessa Cason,…


Do You Lack the Energy to Move Forward in Life?

Do you lack the energy to move forward in life? Do you know what you want to do? Have you created anything compelling to move toward? Are you afraid you might fail? Is it easier to stay in apathy than…


Is a Roadblock a Dead End or a Detour?

Is a roadblock really a dead end or can it be a detour? If we think we are defeated, it becomes a dead end. If we think there can be another way, it’s a detour and we will find another…


Are You Waiting for Opportunity to Come Knocking?

Are you waiting for opportunity to come knocking? Usually there is a reason for opportunity to come knocking. If you are waiting for opportunity to knock before being prepared, how well will you do when it knocks? If you are…


Are You Sleeping Your Life Away?

Are you sleeping your life away? Is this about fear, lack of courage, lack of goals, and/or apathy? © Tessa Cason, 2022. Sign up for the newsletter to receive freebies and to be notified of FREE Kindle Downloads: Sign up here What is EFT…


Are You Critical of All Your Flaws and Faults?

Are you critical of all your flaws and faults? Do you have to be perfect? Is it not okay to make mistakes? Can you learn from your mistakes? © Tessa Cason, 2022. Sign up for the newsletter to receive freebies…


Is It Selfish to Have What You Want?

Is it selfish to have what you want? Is it better to be a martyr? Can you only have what you want if others give it to you? If you won the lottery, would you give away all the earnings…


Are You Anxious About Everything?

Are you anxious about everything? Does your anxiety and worrying prove you care? Does this give you an excuse to avoid living and not reaching for the stars? © Tessa Cason, 2022. Sign up for the newsletter to receive freebies…


Are You Caught in Survival?

Are you caught in survival? Have you been in survival for so long that you don’t know who you would be when you are not in survival mode? Is your identify that of always being in survival, crisis mode? What…


Do You Have a Fear of Living Your Life, of Being Deserving and Worthy?

Do you have a fear of living your life, of being deserving and worthy? If so, do you focus on feelings of inadequacy and incompetence or feelings of being capable and powerful? © Tessa Cason, 2022. Sign up for the…

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