Reaching the Pinnacle: Creating an Extraordinary Life

A comprehensive program to heal limiting beliefs, thoughts, and emotions.

Replace anxiety with confidence      Move from surviving to thriving      Accomplish goals and fulfill dreams.

You were determined to conquer the world and be a huge success.
Instead of being victorious, you feel disappointed and defeated.
Your life has not turned out the way you thought it would.

Maybe Reaching the Pinnacle: Creating an Extraordinary Life might help.

Reaching the Pinnacle was a transformational experience for me. With Tessa’s guidance, I was able to take a deep dive into limiting beliefs, thought patterns, and emotions that kept me stuck and unhappy. During the program, I started to notice changes in my external world because I was changing inside. Within a few months of completing the program, I was offered an amazing opportunity that I believe was made possible by the release and changes I did during the program.


It’s not easy to explore our limitations and look deep into our psyche. If I was able to heal my issues on my own, I would have. For me, I needed someone outside of me to see my blocks and then help me clear that which was not allowing me to prosper, thrive, and excel. The program Tessa created allowed me to work at my pace so that I did not feel overwhelmed. With each module, I could feel I was becoming more my authentic self. My favorite part was identifying my archetypes and how they have influenced my life.


I was always afraid to be powerful. I thought, if I was powerful, other people would have a problem with me and my life would suffer. How wrong I was. I am no longer the doormat that I once was. I am now able to voice my thoughts and my opinions. With this program, I found my confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth as well as my joy.



There is a proper sequence of steps to heal our emotional and mental selves. Before setting goals or stepping into our power, issues such as survival, fear, feeling less than, and anger all must be addressed.

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The 8 Module Program includes 18 One-on-One Phone Calls and takes about 10 – 12 months to complete.

Total investment is $9,995.