After 30 years of study, classes completed, certificates and degrees earned, I set up a life coaching practice in 1996, when life coaching was in its infancy.


The people I met were frustrated, overwhelmed, disappointed, exhausted, and heart broken. Their lives had not turned out as they thought they would. They had tried hard to accomplish their goals and to live their dreams. They read the self-help gurus’ books, attended their seminars, watched videos, and did all the things they were supposed to do. They repeated mantras and affirmations, make vision boards, had courage, were determined, yet their lives remained the same. Hope and excitement were waning and for some, had disappeared.

After working with a multitude of different types of client, I realized there were three things that were important to identify in order to understand who we were and what was important in our lives.


What I soon realized, though, is that exploration, discovery, knowledge, and awareness did not equate to change and transformation. I learned that talk therapy did not change and transform my clients’ lives. They learned that their level of determination and desire did not correspond to the same level of change and transformation.

I needed a tool, a technique, something to help my clients be able to truly change and transform their lives. That’s when I discovered EFT Tapping, Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT Tapping is a simple technique that eliminates unhealthy beliefs. EFT Tapping is such a powerful and effective tool that I have written over 100 books.

Healing and transformation is a journey. It is a journey of self-discovery and self exploration. EFT Tapping is one part of the journey. To facilitate the journey, I created Reaching the Pinnacle: Creating an Extraordinary Life.

Reaching the Pinnacle

Creating an Extraordinary Life

An eight module, self-paced comprehensive journey combined with one-on-one calls with a coach.

Healing, Transformation, and All Things EFT Tapping

By Tessa Casson

This 98 page eBook covers information needed to understand how to transform our lives.

EFT Tapping Info

By Tessa Cason

EFT Tapping is a simple yet powerful technique to eliminate unhealthy beliefs and emotions.