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Do You Have the Tools and Skills Necessary to Do What You Want to Do?

Do you have the tools and skills necessary to do what you want to do? If not, what’s keeping you from learning the tools and skills? In today’s age with free continuing education classes, youtube videos, free blogs, and so…


Do You Have the Belief that What You Want to Do Has Already Been Done?

Do you have the belief that what you want to do has already been done? Can you image how boring life would be if there was only one style house, one car design, or one style of fashion? Pretty boring.…


Do You Know Who You Are?

Do you know who you are? Are you trying to be a second rate version of someone else because you don’t know who you are? Is it too risky to be your authentic self so you stay confused about who…


Do You Lack the Drive to Live a Fulfilling Life?

Do you lack the drive to live a fulfilling life? Is this about safety, fear of failure, not having the necessary skills, don’t think you would succeed if you did try? Is there an excuse that you tell others and…


Do You Feel Stuck in Life?

Do you feel stuck in life? Is it easier to remain stuck than to take action? Do you know the action that would help you move forward? Or is moving forward in your life too scary and thus, it’s easier…


Are You Congruent in Your Words and Actions?

Are you congruent in your words and actions? It’s easy to talk about what you want to do, what you would do, but don’t take any action. Congruency – words and action match. Is it easier to say the right…


Is Life Too Much of a Struggle to Be Fulfilling?

Is life too much of a struggle to be fulfilling? From struggle we learn what we need to know to be more successful in the future. Is it easier to quit and give up? Can you not learn from your…


Do You Know How to Have Authentic Relationships?

Do you know how to have authentic relationships? If not, is it about not knowing your authentic self or about having authentic relationships? © Tessa Cason, 2022. Sign up for the newsletter to receive freebies and to be notified of FREE Kindle Downloads: Sign…


Are You Boring, Dull, and Feel Worthless?

Are you boring, dull, and feel worthless? Is this to keep you safe? If you had an exciting life, would others be envious of the life you had? Might this create tension you don’t want to deal with so you…


Is Your Social Anxiety Triggered When You Start a Conversation?

Is your social anxiety triggered when you start a conversation? Is this about the fear of being judged, stress of being around others, or not knowing how to establish rapport with someone? © Tessa Cason, 2022. Sign up for the…

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