Why Do Dreams and Goals Not Become a Reality

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You’ve done everything you were supposed to do for your dreams and goals to become a reality. You were clear on what they were. You made your vision boards with lots of pictures of what you desired. You visualize them coming true and living that life. You’ve stated your affirmations over and over and over for their fulfillment. You released and allowed the Universe to handle the details. And, you are still waiting for the Universe to handle the details.

Have you given up on your dreams and goals becoming a reality? Do you know the reasons your dreams and goals didn’t come true? The answer is simple: You dysfunctional beliefs.

Beliefs precede all of actions, reactions, thoughts, feelings, decisions, choices., and experience.

Dysfunctional beliefs prevent our dream and goals from happening.

Once we delete the dysfunctional beliefs, then we can devise a plan and take the necessary steps toward the fulfillment of our dreams and goals. When we stumble, our task is to pick ourselves up, brush off the dirt, and keep going. When we encounter a roadblock, our task is to stop, examine the block, heal the cause, and keep going.

The first step to fulfilling our dreams is to identity, remove, and neutralize the dysfunctional beliefs and emotions that stand between us and our dreams.

It is not enough to have a dream unless we are willing to pursue it. It is not enough to know what is right unless we are strong enough to do it. It is not enough to learn the truth unless we also learn to live it. It is not enough to reach for love unless we care enough to give it. Men who are resolved to find a way for themselves will always find opportunities enough and if they do not find them, whey will make them.

Samuel Smiles

@ Tessa Cason, 2022.

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