Is It Necessary To Relive The Pain In Order To Heal Our Pain?

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To be successful with EFT tapping and to heal, we do not have to relive the pain. We do not have to relive an event or circumstances underlying the pain. We do need to desensitize painful memories and change dysfunctional beliefs, our mis-beliefs.

For example, a significant-other, romantic relationship ends. We don’t have to relive the conversation or circumstances of the ending of the relationship in order to heal.

What does need to be examined are the beliefs we have about relationships in general and specifically, the dysfunctional beliefs we have that caused this relationship not to be successful…hopefully, before beginning a new relationship.

All of us will have events in our lives that are painful. We need to desensitize the painful memories. We can either be the victim or the victor. We can either be destroyed by the painful event or move forward without the event dismantling our lives.

EFT tapping, Emotional Freedom Technique can help with both…desensitizing painful emotions and changing the dysfunctional beliefs.

© Tessa Cason, 2020.

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