Integration…What Happens After Tapping

Woman Sleeping

After tapping, our system needs some downtime for integration to take place. When the physical body and the mind are “idle,” integration can then take place.  

Sometimes, in the first 24 hours after tapping, we might find ourselves vegging more than normal, sleeping more than normal, or more tired than normal. This downtime is needed to integrate the new changes.  

After installing a new program into our computer, sometimes we have to reboot the computer (shut down and restart) for the new program to be integrated into the system.   

After tapping, our bodies need to reboot. We need some downtime. When we sleep, the new changes are integrated

Healing begins naturally after the body has had a chance to integrate.  

Sometimes after tapping, we forget the intensity of our pain and think that our feeling better had nothing to do with the tapping. Something so simple could not possibly create the improvement in our state of mind!  

When we cut our finger, once it is healed, we don’t even remember cutting our finger. As we move toward health, wealth, and well-being, sometimes we don’t remember how unhappy, restless, or isolated we once felt.  

© Tessa Cason, 2020.

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