How to Tap (Short Form of EFT Tapping)

Tapping Point Diagrams Tessa

EFT Tapping has two components: Tapping and making a statement as we tap.


An EFT Tapping statement has three parts to it. The statement begins with “Even though” and ends with “I totally and completely accept myself.” 

Sandwiched in between the “Even though” and “I totally and completely accept myself,” we insert the unhealthy belief or emotion we want to eliminate. Let’s say the unhealthy belief is, “I fear the unknown.”

The whole statement we would say when we tap is “Even though, I fear the unknown, I totally and completely accept myself.”


The instructions described are when we use the right hand. Reverse directions to tap using the left hand. It is only necessary to tap one side. Tapping both sides does not add any additional benefit and may not be as effective.

Instructions for Tapping using the right hand:

With the fingertips of your right hand, find a tender spot below your left collar bone. Once you find the tender spot, press firmly on the spot with your right fingertips. Move your fingertips in a clockwise circular motion.

As your fingers are circling and pressing against the tender spot, repeat the EFT Tapping statement three times. 

Even though, I fear the unknown, I totally and completely accept myself.”

Even though, I fear the unknown, I totally and completely accept myself.”

Even though, I fear the unknown, I totally and completely accept myself.”

After repeating the statement three times, tap the following eight points repeating ONLY the middle portion of the statement. In this example, that would be, “I fear the unknown.”

Tap each point about seven to ten times while making the statement:

1st point: The inner edge of the right eyebrow, “I fear the unknown.”  
2nd point: Right temple, just to the side of the eye, “I fear the unknown.”
3rd point: Just below the right eye on the cheekbone, “I fear the unknown.”
4th point: Under the nose, “I fear the unknown.”
5th point: Under the lips, “I fear the unknown.”
6th point: Under the knob of the right collar bone, “I fear the unknown.”
7th point: Three inches under the left arm pit, “I fear the unknown.”
8th point: Top back of the head, “I fear the unknown.”

After tapping, take a deep breath. If the breath is full and deep, the statement cleared.

If you are not able to take a deep, full, satisfying breath, do eye rolls. 

Eye Rolls:

  • With one hand, tap continuously on the back of the other hand between the 4th and 5th fingers.  
  • Head is held straight forward, eyes looking straight down.  
  • For 6 seconds, roll your eyes from the floor straight up toward the ceiling while repeating the statement. Keep the head straight forward, only moving the eyes.
  • Finish with another deep breath.

If you are not able to take a deep breath, there may be some underlying dysfunctional beliefs that are blocking the statement from clearing. For example, after tapping and doing eye rolls for the statement “I fear the unknown” and you are still not able to take a deep breath, ask yourself, “Why do I fear the unknown”? You might have answers like: “I don’t have the skills and tools to handle the unknown” or “It’s outside my comfort zone.” The answers can then be made into tapping statements and tapped.

Karate Chop Point (KCP)

Instead of circling under the collar bone, some people prefer to use the Karate Chop point. It is a matter of preference. One is not more effective than the other. 

Sometimes when we do a lot of tapping at one time, the tender spot under the collar bone becomes sore. Switch to the KCP.

To tap the KCP, use the fingertips of the opposite hand or the KCP of both palms can be tapped together.

© Tessa Cason, 2020.

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