How Does EFT Tapping Work?

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EFT Tapping is a simple, yet highly effective technique to diminish unhealthy beliefs and emotions. There are basically two components to EFT tapping. The first is the tapping and the second is the statement we make as we tap.

Let’s discuss the tapping portion of EFT Tapping first:

When we tap, we are tapping points along different Chinese meridian pathways.

* Unhealthy memories, emotions, and beliefs block the flow of energy from moving freely in the body. Tapping along the meridians can release stagnate energy, unproductive memories, emotions, and beliefs as we tap. 

* Tapping also acts somewhat like a pattern interrupt. By disrupting the energy, it provides an opportunity for our own body’s Infinite Wisdom to come forth for healing.

Secondly, let’s discuss the tapping statement: 

* A tapping statement has three parts to it. It begins with “Even though,” and ends with “I totally and completely accept myself.” When we say, “I totally and completely accept myself,” acceptance brings us into present time. Healing can only happen when we are in present time. 

* Tapping can act as a “mis-direct” for the body. One role of the physical body is to protect us. When our hand is too close to a flame, the body automatically pulls the hand back to safety. The physical body is less likely to “sabotage” the tapping if the EFT Tapping statement we say as we are tapping “agrees” with the current belief, even though the belief might be a dysfunctional belief.

If we want to make permanent, life-long changes in our lives, we have to change the unhealthy beliefs and emotions on the subconscious level. The middle portion of a statement are instructions to the subconscious. 

An example: The very first tapping statement we need to tap is: “It is not okay or safe for my life to change.” Even though our lives are constantly changing does not mean we are comfortable or okay with change. When we are not comfortable with change, it creates stress for the body.  

For the EFT Tapping Statement: “It is not okay or safe for my life to change:”

* This statement appeases the physical body since it agrees with the current belief.

* The subconscious does not hear the word no, so in this example, the subconscious would hear, “It is okay and safe for my life to change.

* The tapping disrupts the energy flow so our Truth can come forth.

When the conditions allow it, the body will always gravitate to 
health, wealth, and well-being. EFT Tapping weeds the garden 
so that the blossoms can bloom more easily and effortlessly.

© Tessa Cason, 2020.

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