Emotional Significance of Craving Chocolate with EFT Tapping Statements

Chocolate Truffles Close up

Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.


Our food cravings are trying to tell us something and it’s not about the foods. Food Cravings are symptoms. They are not the issue. Food cravings are symptoms of deeper issues in our lives. They are indications of what we need to heal.

Emotional Significance of Craving Chocolate:
* Craving for love, intimacy, and/or romance.
* A need for calm.
* To lift one’s mood, a “feel-good” boost.
* Looking for energy, passion, and/or excitement.
* Used as an anti-depressant.
* Unable to process sadness and grief.

We crave chocolate when we want to feel special, loved, and cherished, and/or when our lives lack passion, energy, and excitement, when we are depressed.

The only way to truly end food cravings is to heal the cause.

To heal our food cravings we have to recognize, acknowledge, address, desensitize, and/or delete the thoughts, emotions, and memories that propel us toward the foods we crave.

Healing begins with an awareness of our actions and an understanding of the triggers that lead to the action. Knowing the significance of our food cravings can provide insights into what we really are craving.

To heal our food cravings, we need to heal the underlying cause…our dysfunctional beliefs and emotions.

EFT Tapping Statements for Chocolate:
* I crave love and romance.
* I feel empty when I am single.
* I need chocolate to do my life.
* My love life is sad and pathetic.
* It is hopeless that I will find love.
* I crave chocolate when I am sad.
* My life lacks intimacy and romance.

© Tessa Cason, 2020.

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