Emotional Significance of a Painful Shoulder

A young sportswoman using an ice pack to prevent swelling after a workout

Did you know:
* The right side of our body represents the male, masculine, outer world, and Dad.
* The left side of the body represents the female, feminine, inner world, conceptualizing, and Mom.
* The front of the body represents the future.
* The back of the body represents the past.

Shoulders are about shouldering responsibilities. We carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. We shoulder the burden.

Difficulties with the Shoulders Could be About:
* Feeling unable to handle the weight of our burdens and/or someone else’s.
* Being so busy handling everyone else’s obligation that there is little time for ourselves.
* Wanting someone else to take care of us, to help shoulder the burden, to rescue us.
* Feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, frightened, distressed, resentment, and/or overwhelmed.
* Duty before fun, taking on more than we can handle, martyrhood, and/or sacrificing our needs for others.

Pain in the right shoulder would be more about the outer world and responsibilities.
Pain in the left shoulder would be more about responsibilities felt internal.

Questions at the Onset of the Pain or Difficulties:
* Has there been a struggle between your head and heart?
* Were you facing a new challenge that you were indecisive about?
* Were you ignoring something that wanted your attention?
* Were you feeling hopeless?
* Were there some issues in your life that require you to look outside the box for solutions?

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