EFT Tapping for a Romantic Relationship

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15 November 2021
12:01 AM – 11:59 PM PST (give or take 30 minutes)

“Rule #3: Relationships provide opportunities to grow. Our relationships will serve as an unofficial ‘lifeshop’ in which we will learn about ourselves and how we can grow on our personal path. The most powerful impact it can have is to help us grow and stretch exponentially as a human being.

Our relationships provide many different avenues through which we can grow. Primarily, the presence of a beloved in our life creates new possibilities for us. They can open doors we never knew existed and present options we might not have considered when we were on our own.

Our relationships will excavate our personal issues that need to be healed, stretch our boundaries, and teach us how to relate on an advanced level. Our beloved becomes our partner in our growth process, as we do in theirs, leading each other down exciting paths and through life-altering challenges.” Cherie Carter-Scott

Relationships are wonderful and exciting avenues of self-discovery. The choice is ours. Self-discovery. Or blame and competition. We can learn as much through love and joy as we can from pain, struggle, and suffering. Relationships are more enjoyable if the other person in the relationship is on a course of self-discovery as well.

EFT Tapping for a Romantic Relationship:

* Love is dependency.
* I will be alone forever.
* There is no one for me.
* My desires will never be fulfilled.
* I fear abandonment and betrayal.
* No one will ever find me valuable.
* It’s not safe for anyone to love me.
* The partners I want never want me.
* I’m powerless to find a love partner.
* Love is something that just happens.
* Relationships are not my strong suit.
* I cannot sustain a loving relationship.
* I sabotage all my loving relationships.

© Tessa Cason, 2021.

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