Moving Out of Survival

500 EFT Tapping Statements for Survival

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The role of the physical body is to keep us alive. The body breathes for us, pumps our heart for us, regulates our body temperature, digests our food, and converts the food into energy. All without conscious thought.

The role of the physical body is to keep us safe. When our hand gets too close to a flame, the body automatic pulls the hand back to safety. When our face is submerged in water, our body stops breathing to prevent the body from inhaling water. All without conscious thought.

The role of the physical body is to keep us alive and safe. When it perceives anything as a threat, the body automatically goes into SURVIVAL MODE, FIGHT-FLIGHT-FREEZE, to prepare us to either fight, run away, or play dead. The body begins to breathe faster. Our awareness is heightened. The pulse and heart rate quickens. Survival mode is automatic… without conscious thought.

All of the above is automatic…without conscious thought. We don’t have to tell the body to breathe. It knows we need air. We don’t tell the body to heighten our awareness when threatened. It knows we are in danger.

Dr. John Montgomery says, “Biologically and evolutionarily, all ‘negative,’ or distressing, emotions, like fear, disgust, or anxiety, can be thought of as ‘survival-mode’ emotions: they signal to the body and brain that our survival and well-being may be at risk.”

Distressing emotions such as fear alerts the physical body that our survival may be at risk. When we feel fearful, the physical body automatically, without conscious thought, goes into survival mode.

In survival mode, the rational mind disengages. Fear is valued. We use anger to keep people at a safe distance. We become hyper-vigilant. We are constantly on edge. Our guard is always up. Fear, anger, depression, anxiety, avoidance become our constant companions. We are only able to focus on the immediate tasks at hand.

Long range goals are not even on the horizon. The ability to interact with other people is risky. Relaxing could mean death. Enjoying life and thriving is not possible. Positive emotions such as love, joy, serenity, happiness, and hope do not exist.

In survival mode, the survival emotions of fear, anger, and anxiety flood the body. We view the world through the veil of fear.

Survival is stress on steroids. It’s feeling anxious and not good enough. Survival may be the most important topic we can heal within ourselves. Survival is programmed into our DNA.

Ella returned home from the market with her three year old daughter to find a note from her husband that he did not want to be married any longer. Under the note were divorce papers, the number of the divorce attorney, and $500.

Wanting to be able to give her daughter a wonderful childhood, she had to figure out how to survive and thrive. This is her story and the tapping statements she tapped.

This Workbook provides information about EFT Tapping as well as 500 EFT Tapping statements that can be combined into tapping scripts.