Less Than Cover

80 EFT Tapping Statements for “Less Than” and Anxiety

Rene was excited for the year-long mentoring program she enrolled in. How wonderful to be surrounded with like-minded people. Five months into the program, she abruptly drops out.

Find out how her feeling Less Than and her Anxiety sabotaged her personal growth.

Anxiety has four parts: Unidentified anger, hurt, self-pity, and fear. We expect error, rejection, humiliation, and actually start to anticipate it. Living in a state of fear, we want a guarantee that our decisions and choices will produce the results or outcomes that we want.

Feeling less than is played out in a cycle of shame, hopelessness, and self-pity. We feel shame about who we are, that we have little value, and that we are not good enough. Feel- ing “less than” spirals down into depression, self–sabotage, and survival.

Being less than and self-esteem are interchangeable.

This Workbook provides information about EFT Tapping as well as 80 EFT Tapping statements that can be combined into tapping scripts.