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80 EFT Tapping Statements for Change

If it is not okay or safe for our lives to change, every time our lives change, the body is subjected to a tremendous amount of stress.

After graduating from high school, Charlie’s dad told Charlie he could continue to live at home, but he would be charged room and board. At 18 years old, Charlie was now financially responsible for himself.

Charlie was able to find a job and moved out of his parents home. Within a year, circumstances forced Charlie to move back home.

Day after day, Charlie rode the bus to work. After work, he rode the bus home.

One day as Charlie was riding the bus to work, he noticed another regular rider on the bus, tapping his head. “Hey, Dan,” he said. “Trying to give yourself a headache?”

Charlie noticed the open Workbook that Dan was holding. As he moved to the seat next to Dan, Charlie curiously asked, “I noticed the name of the Workbook you are holding. It says ‘Change.’ Changing your life?”

“As a matter of fact, my friend, I have decided it is time to change my life.” “Can we really change our lives Dan,” asked Charlie very seriously.

Dan responded, “I think we can. For me, I realized I didn’t have the tools and skills that change required. Then I found EFT, EFT Tapping. Emotional Freedom Technique.”

Dan and Charlie began tapping together. Find out the results of their tapping and the state- ments they tapped in this EFT Tapping eBook.

This Workbook provides information about EFT Tapping as well as 80 EFT Tapping state- ments that can be combined into tapping scripts.