Benefits of Using EFT Tapping

Puzzle pieces with word ‘Benefits’

* The last part of the statement is “I totally and completely accept myself.” Acceptance brings us into present time. Healing can only take place when we are in present time.

* By tapping, we are calling forth our truths. The keyword here is “our.” Not anyone else’s. If my name is “Lucas,” tapping the statement “Even though my name is Troy,” my name will not be changed to Troy.

* Tapping calls forth our own body’s Infinite Wisdom. When we cut our finger, our body knows how to heal the cut itself. Once the dysfunctional emotions, experiences, and beliefs have been “deleted,” our body automatically gravitates to health, wealth, wisdom, peace, love, joy…

* By changing the dysfunctional beliefs and emotions on a subconscious level, the changes we make with EFT are permanent. 

* By tapping, we are “neutralizing” the stored memories that have been blocking energy from flowing freely along the meridians.  

* Tapping can desensitization a charged situation. Let’s say, we have a difficult person in our life that ignores us and/or criticizes us and we tap the statement: This difficult person [or their name] ignores or criticizes me.” Tapping doesn’t mean they will no longer ignore and/or criticize us.  

It can, though, desensitize us so we no longer are affected by their behavior. Once we are desensitized, our perception and mental thinking improves. We are better able to make informed decisions. We don’t take and make everything personally. Our health is not negatively impacted. Our heart doesn’t beat 100 beats/minute. Smoke stops coming out of our ears. And our faces don’t turn red with anger and frustration. 

The benefits of Tapping are endless. 
Tapping can improve our health, prosperity, and relationships.

© Tessa Cason, 2020.

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