Writing Your Own EFT Tapping Statements – Rule #3

Pay-offs for not creating the reality you desire

Rule #3 – Address the Pay-offs for not creating the reality you desire.

We have pay-offs for not creating a happy, successful, joyous reality.

* Avoidance
* Blame
* Self-pity
* Guarantee
* Self Righteousness
* Self-importance
* Clinging to the Past

EFT Tapping can eliminate the pay-offs.


Judy really wanted to be in a romantic relationship. Every time she started dating, once the relationship hit the 6 month mark, she found something wrong with the man and would end the relationship.

The first 6 months of a relationship is usually the “get to know you” stage of a relationship. Then a relationship becomes a little bit more “normal,” “day-to-day.” The excitement usually has worn off by month 6.

For Judy, she was afraid that once a man got to know her, really knew who she was, she would be rejected. She didn’t feel deserving of a man’s love long-term, so she ended the relationship.

One of Judy’s pay-off is avoidance. She would justify the break up by finding something wrong with the man. Something small and insignificant. The issue wasn’t the man. The issue was Judy and her insecurities.

She wanted a guarantee that if the relationship continued, the man would not reject her.

Being alone, once again, Judy would dip into self-pity.

Judy’s three biggest pay-offs were:
* Avoidance
* Guarantee
* Self-pity

Judy needed to process these three pay-offs to create the reality she so desired…marriage and a family.

© Tessa Cason, 2021.

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