Where Do Our Beliefs Come From?


All of our thoughts and feelings, actions and reactions, and our choices and decisions are based on our beliefs.

Through muscle testing, I have asked the body where do our beliefs come from. The body’s response has been that our beliefs are coded into our DNA. One third of our DNA is Dad’s. One third of our DNA is Mom’s. And, one third of our DNA is ours.

I have had clients say to me, “This issue has shown up in my life but I can’t relate to it.”

I ask them if it their mom’s issue and every time the answer is “Yes.” I ask if it is their Dad’s issue and every time the answer is “Yes.” Two-third is greater than one-third.

I believe that our beliefs are coded into our DNA. From birth, we are who we are.

I believe that the DNA is dynamic…not something static. As our beliefs change, so does our DNA.

I have witnessed the benefit of EFT tapping on families. As one family member heals their dysfunctional beliefs, it has also healed the dysfunctional beliefs of other members that have their DNA. Our DNA is dynamic, evolving, and changing.

As we heal our Issues, it also heals anyone that also has our DNA.

© Tessa Cason, 2021.

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