What To Do if an EFT Tapping Statement Does Not Clear

Question mark on it's side

When a statement might not have cleared, turn the statement into a question. Let’s say that you tapped, “It’s not okay for me to be powerful” and feel it didn’t clear after tapping the statement. Turn the tapping statement into a question: “Why isn’t it okay for me to be powerful?”

You might have answers such as:
* Powerful people are ruthless and heartless.
* I’m afraid of being powerful.
* Being powerful would change me for the worse.
* Power corrupts.
* People would laugh at me if I tried being powerful.
* I would have to give up my fears and anxieties to be powerful.
* I might be called aggressive if I tried being powerful.
* I don’t have the abilities, skills, or qualities to be powerful.
* Others would make fun of me if I tried being powerful.
* Powerful people are thoughtless and self-centered.

With these beliefs, it might not be okay for you to be powerful or even explore the idea of being powerful. The statements above are tapping statements. Tap the answer to the question you asked. After tapping the answer to the question, then revisit the original statement that did not clear. Most likely, it will now be cleared and you will be able to take a full, deep, and complete breath.

© Tessa Cason, 2020.

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