Tapping Wears Me Out

young woman awaking up early in the morning

Question from reader:

I seem to yawn a lot and get tired when I tap, when I do EFT. Is tapping wearing me out?

Answer: Two things come to mind with this question. Release and integration.

Our dysfunctional emotions and beliefs produce blocks along the meridians, blocking energy from flowing freely. As we tap, as we do EFT, we are releasing the blocks. As blocked energy is able to flow more freely, the body is now able to “breathe a sigh of relief.” Yawning is that sigh of relief. We know that an EFT tapping statement has cleared when we are able to take a complete, deep, full, and satisfying breath after tapping.

Integration. After tapping, the body needs to integrate all the new changes. Just as with a computer we have to reboot, turn the computer off for the programs to be installed, we too, have to reboot. We need some downtime, we may need to sleep. So, yes, tapping can wear us out and we will need to sleep for the tapping to integrate into our system.

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