PTSD with Tapping Statements

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EFT Tapping Statements for PTSD, Survival, Disempowered, Anger, Fear

Emotional wounds are like a scratch in a vinyl record. Every time we try to move beyond the scratch, we are thrown back and are not allowed to move beyond the scratch. PTSD is a scratch in the vinyl record.

The potential exists for anyone that is in any life threatening situation in which they fear for their life, that believes their death is imminent, to experience PTSD. This could include:

  • Being told we have cancer
  • A car accident
  • Military service
  • A violent parent
  • Victim of rape
  • Being bullied
  • Natural disaster
  • Being bitten by a vicious dog
  • A school shooting
  • A terrorist attack
  • Death of a parent or spouse

The role of the physical body is to keep us alive and safeWhen it perceives anything as a threat, the body automatically goes into survival mode, fight-flight-freeze, to prepare us to either fight, run away, or play dead. Survival mode is automatic…without conscious thought.

In survival mode, the rational mind disengages. Fear, anger, depression, anxiety, and avoidance become our constant companions. We view the world through the veil of fear.

PTSD is when we are stuck, continuously, in Survival.
The body is not able to shut off the automatic responses.

Healing PTSD is a process in which we must desensitize, decrease, and heal the survival response. How do we desensitize and decrease the survival response? The best method I have found to do so is EFT Tapping.

EFT Tapping Statements for PTSD:

1. I am paralyzed by fear.
2. I will never master my fears.
3. I am broken beyond repair.
4. I am inferior to other people.
5. I am paralyzed by my trauma.
6. Fear fuels my need to control.
7. I am anxious about everything.
8. The world is a hazardous place.
9. I avoid confrontation at all cost.
10. “Just do it” doesn’t work for me.
11. I have a constant sense of doom.
12. I didn’t expect life to be so hard.
13. I am not free to explore the world.
14. Life is frightening and intimidating.
15. I allow fear to limit my possibilities.

© Tessa Cason, 2021.

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