Psychological Reversal

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Q: What is Psychological Reversal or Reversed?
A: Psychological reversal is when the body’s energy is flowing in reverse. For instance, with muscle-testing, normally the muscle stays strong, locked in place with a “yes” response. The muscle is weak for a “no” response. When reversed, the opposite is true. The muscle is weak for a “yes” response and the muscle stays strong for the “no” response. Reversed.

Q: I’ve read that EFT reversal is a resistance to change. I am reversed but I want to change. I don’t feel I am resisting change. Change is constantly happening and I welcome it. Do you think EFT reversal is a resistance to change?
A: No. I don’t believe EFT reversal is about a resistance to change. I think EFT reversal is when the kidney meridian is flowing in the wrong direction. In body-mind medicine and Oriental medicine, the kidney represents fear. I think EFT Psychological Reversal is about our fear.

Q: I’ve tried the exercises that are supposed to reverse my being reversed. They haven’t helped. Any suggestions?
A: Exercises to reverse a reversal are not enough. If one is in fear, simply doing an exercise does not handle the fear. As soon as we are fearful again, we will go back into reversal. Yes, I do have a suggestion. EFT to handle the fear and Gemstones. At first I was very skeptical that gemstones would actually have an impact on the physical body. Yet, I started experimenting with gemstones. The combination that I found that was most effective was: Rutilated Quartz, Hematite, Garnet, and Chrysocolla.

Rutilated quartz and Hematite have an electrical quality to them and influence the direction the kidney meridian flows. The Garnet and Chrysocolla brings the soul back.

I have worked with children that had difficulty reading and were labeled ADD/ADHD. When I put a pouch of the four stones in their hand, they were able to read without any difficulty. I would then take the gemstones away. Their difficulty to read returned. Both child and parent would be stunned.

When facing the difficulties of our lives, it is understandable that we could be fearful. It is this fear that can switch the direction of the kidney meridian. If our energy is moving backwards, it is difficult to move forward in our lives.

When the energy is moving backwards, we either stagnate or moving forward is like walking in knee-deep mud. The four gemstones can reverse the direction of the meridian as well as the direction we are moving through issues and our lives.

© Tessa Cason, 2020.

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