Potential for Success Quiz and EFT Tapping

Success is dependent on effort

Analyze your Success Potential. Answer each statement with either a “yes” or “no.”

  1. _ I have my own definition of success.
  2. _ I am persistent and resilient.
  3. _ I am self-confidence.
  4. _ I initiate and take action.
  5. _ I take responsibility for everything in my life.
  6. _ I expect obstacles along the path.
  7. _ I can handle obstacles and difficulties.
  8. _ I can handle rejection.
  9. _ My goals are written down.
  10. _ I have a detailed plan to accomplish my goals.
  11. _ I work towards the fulfillment of my goals.
  12. _ I have a deadline for each of my goals.
  13. _ I can learn from my errors and mistakes.
  14. _ I am a self starter.
  15. _ I am inner motivated.
  16. _ The buck stops with me.
  17. _ I can focus on a task until completed.
  18. _ “I give up” is not in vocabulary.
  19. _ I do not need a guarantee to take action.
  20. _ I am a problem solver.
  21. _ I am a good listener.
  22. _ I accept feedback graciously.
  23. _ I can make the tough decisions.
  24. _ I have good discerning abilities.
  25. _ I am constantly moving forward.
  26. _ I believe in myself.
  27. _ I know that failure is only temporary.
  28. _ I continue on after a defeat.
  29. _ I am excited to wake up each day.
  30. _ I am emotionally strong and courageous.
  31. _ I know my strengths and weakness.
  32. _ I live in the “now.”
  33. _ I understand that the seeds planted today is the harvest and potential rewards of tomorrow.
  34. _ I know I will succeed.
  35. _ I trust my instincts and intuition.
  36. _ I do the research.
  37. _ I understand the power of the mind.
  38. _ I take care of my physical body.
  39. _ I can imagine success before it happens.
  40. _ I surround myself with successful people.
  41. _ I know how to handle distractions.
  42. _ I am continual learning new skills.
  43. _ I accept that there will be failures.
  44. _ I have stepped into my own personal power.
  45. _ I know how to prioritize.
  46. _ I have a “To-Do” list.
  47. _ I manage my life and resources well.
  48. _ I can learn from others.
  49. _ I have a healthy self-esteem.
  50. _ I know my happiness depends on me.

Number of Yeses = ______
Number of Nos = ______

Multiple the Yeses by 2 and add a % sign.

Score _

Each one of the quiz statements above can be made into an EFT tapping statement. The above “no” statements can be turned into tapping statements by adding a “no” to the statement. Example: #39 – The statement is: “I can imagine success before it happens.” Add a “no” to the statement. “I can’t imagine success before it happens.”

Adding a “no” or “not” to a statement makes the statement more powerful. Here is why: The physical body is here to protect us. When our hand gets to close to a flame, the body will pull the hand back to safety. If a tapping statement doesn’t agree with the physical body, there is a tendency for the tapping to be sabotaged.

Our subconscious is in charge of our programming, our beliefs. If we want to make changes in our lives, we have to change the programming and beliefs in the subconscious. Thus, we only care what the subconscious hears. The subconscious does not hear the word “No.” An EFT tapping statement of “I am not empowered or powerful,” the subconscious hears, “I am empowered and powerful.”

@ Tessa Cason, 2022.

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