Pay-offs for NOT Creating Your Desired Reality – Pay-off #4

Pay-off #4 Guarantee

Why would we not want to create a successful reality? Why would we not want success, happiness, peace, fulfillment, and love?

Instead of success and happiness, we are seduced by pain and suffering. In our society, we have a belief, “No pain, no gain.” Usually we don’t change until our backs are against the wall, until we’ve reached “rock bottom,” when change becomes a must.

There are “pay-offs” for not creating a successful, prosperous, fulfilling, joyful reality. Usually we have one or two that is our go-to pay-off.

Families have a pay-off that run in the families that might also play out in our lives as well. Might not be our first go-to pay-off but pops up every now and then.

The seven pay-offs are:
Pay-off #1 – Avoidance
Pay-off #2 – Blame
Pay-off #3 – Self-pity
Pay-off #4 – Guarantee
Pay-off #5 – Self-righteous
Pay-off #6 – Self-importance
Pay-off #7 – Clinging to the past

Pay-off #4 – Guarantee – for Not Creating Our Reality

Critics hang around and wait for others to make mistakes. The real doers of the world have no time for criticizing others. They are too busy doing, making mistakes, improving, making progress. They are committed to themselves, their growth, their lives.
Dr. Wayne Dyer

Promise me, if I love you, you will not hurt me, abandon me, reject me, ridicule me. You will marry me, love me forever and ever. We will live happily every after. When you promise, then I will love you.”

Wanting a guarantee is usually a biggie. “Promise me, if I try, I will succeed. I won’t fail. I won’t look stupid. I will succeed the first time. I will be a hero. Others will admire me.”

Many people reach that fork in the path…one would take them to their heart’s desire, fulfillment, and contentment. The second path, more traveled, takes them down a path of mediocrity that lacks passion, excitement, and joy but will pay the bills.

If one sets out on the first path, toward their heart’s desires and their dreams, if they tried and did not succeed, there would be tremendous pain, disappointment, and embarrassment. Everyone knew they had charted their course and set sail. Everyone knew their intentions and hopes. If they failed, they would look foolish, incompetent, and stupid in the eyes of those that love and admire them.

Or maybe when they reach their goal they will discover the goal did not bring the joy and fulfillment they thought it would. All that work, planning, and sacrificing they would have to do and joy was not the prize. How sad and unhappy they would be. How disillusioned they would feel. So, why even try?

Pain, disappointment, embarrassment, disillusionment…is it really worth the risk? But, with a guarantee that they would accomplish their heart’s desire and be a hero, most likely, they would take the first path toward their dreams and heart’s desire.

Pay-off #4 – Guarantee…wanting a promise it will work. We hold out for the guarantee even though we know there are no guarantees. We don’t create our reality because we don’t have a guarantee.

Promise me:
* I won’t get hurt.
* I won’t be rejected and/or humiliated.
* I won’t get used.
* I deserve it.
* I will be successful.
* I will be happy.
* I will be loved.

EFT tapping can help. Some EFT Tapping statements for Pay-off 4, Guarantee, might be:
* I won’t move forward until I have a guarantee.
* My life lacks passion and excitement.
* I would be embarrassed if I tried and failed.
* It’s better to be safe than sorry.
* I want a guarantee before I begin anything new.

© Tessa Cason, 2021.

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