Pay-offs for NOT Creating Our Desired Reality – Pay-off #7 Clinging to the Past

Pay-off #7 Clinging to the past

Why would we not want to create a successful reality? Why would we not want success, happiness, peace, fulfillment, and love?

Instead of success and happiness, we are seduced by pain and suffering. In our society, we have a belief, “No pain, no gain.” Usually we don’t change until our backs are against the wall, until we’ve reached “rock bottom,” when change becomes a must.

There are “pay-offs” for not creating a successful, prosperous, fulfilling, joyful reality. Usually we have one or two that is our go-to pay-off.

Families have a pay-off that run in the families that might also play out in our lives as well. Might not be our first go-to pay-off but pops up every now and then.

The seven pay-offs are:
Pay-off #1 – Avoidance
Pay-off #2 – Blame
Pay-off #3 – Self-pity
Pay-off #4 – Guarantee
Pay-off #5 – Self-righteous
Pay-off #6 – Self-importance
Pay-off #7 – Clinging to the past

Pay-off #7 – Clinging to the Past – for Not Creating Our Reality

The very things we now wish that we could hold onto and keep safe from change were themselves originally produced by changes. And many of those changes, in their day, looked just as daunting as any in the present do. No matter how solid and comfortable and necessary the status quo feels today, it was once new, untried, and uncomfortable. Change is not only the path ahead, but it is also the path behind us, the one which we traveled along to wherever we are now trying to stay.
William Bridges

Moving forward in our lives can be frightening, scary, and not at all fun. The unknown of the future can create a great deal of stress within us, particularly if we do not think we have the tools and skills to handle what needs to be accomplished.

Childhood was so much easier when we were daddy’s little princess or mom’s favorite. We had a roof over our head, food in the refrigerator. We were cared for, financially supported, loved unconditionally. Then the time came when we had to grow up, leave home, and go out into the big, frightening world…all on our own…as adults.

By clinging to the past we don’t have to risk moving forward and failing. We don’t have to be courageous, confident, or discerning. We don’t have to face challenges or make decisions. We can blame our incompetence on fear instead of an unwillingness to learn new skills. We don’t have to be truthful to ourselves about the depth of our character.

Imagine if Thomas Edison, Alexander Bell, Bill Gates, or Steven Jobs clung to the past. There would be no electricity, telephones, or computers. By clinging to the past, we cheat ourselves of life, new adventures, developing new skills, discovering new facets of ourselves.

EFT tapping can help us step into the present. EFT tapping is a simple yet highly effective process that eliminates dysfunctional beliefs and emotions that rob us of our lives.

EFT Tapping Statements for Pay-off #7 – Clinging to the Past:
* I am happier in the past than in the present.
* I don’t want to deal with my disappointments.
* I don’t know how to move forward in my life.
* I don’t know what I want my life to look like.
* I don’t have the power to create the life I want.

© Tessa Cason, 2021.

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