One Statement or Multiple Statements per Round of EFT?

One statement or multiple statements per round of tapping

Question from reader: Reading your directions on how to tap in your article the Short Form of EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique, it seems that we are to make the same statement all the way through one round of tapping. In some of the videos I’ve watched, a different statement is made within one round. So, do I make a different statement on different points or do I say the same statement one entire round?

Answer: I have tried both, making multiple statements in one round of EFT tapping and making the same statement all the way through one round of EFT tapping. Shot gun effect? Or laser focused effect? Multiple statements/round of EFT tapping? Or one statement/round of EFT tapping?

I have found that each is appropriate for different purposes.

Changing beliefs, I have found that making the same statement tapping on all the points is more effective. For changing a “story,” a different statement with different points is effective.

Changing beliefs: What I have found, for working with beliefs, making the same statement all the way though was most effective. When we used multiple statements and it doesn’t clear, we aren’t sure which statement didn’t clear. When we used one statement/round and the statement doesn’t clear, we know this is an area that we need to focus on.

For example, let’s say you tried the shotgun approach, making multiple statements in one round of tapping. The topic is about change and you make the following tapping statements as you tap: “It’s not okay for my life to change. I’m not ready for my life to change. I’m uncomfortable with change. I will never be able to manage the changes I need to make.” If after one round of tapping and the statements hasn’t cleared, how do you know which statements cleared and which ones didn’t?

Let’s say you tried the laser-focused approach and make one statement at a time. After the first statement “It’s not okay for my life to change,” you were able to take a deep breath. The statement cleared. After the second statement, “I’m not ready for my life to change,” you were not able to take a deep breath. This statement did not clear. Knowing this statement did not clear, we can focus in on reasons, excuses, and/or beliefs you have about not being ready to change your life.

Multiple statements during one round of tapping I think are more for a “story” or to clear the emotions. Example: Your boyfriend just broke up with you and your heart is breaking. As you are tapping the feelings will come up. Let’s say you started off with “My heart is broken.” Then “I’m sad the relationship has ended.” Next tapping point you say “I will never be the same without him.” Next tapping point, “I’m angry he broke up with me.”

There are different styles of EFT tapping. Each individual needs to find the style that works best for them. I think for clearing beliefs, the same statement for each point/round is most effective. For healing a story or painful emotions, multiple statements/round of tapping might be more appropriate.

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