I’ve Cleared This Issue. Why it is Still Showing Up in My Life?


I have clients that start off a session with, “I’ve cleared this issue. Why is it still an issue? Why does it still show up in my life?”

My response is, “What you worked on most likely cleared. You just might not have worked on the issue that is causing the problem.”

Example: I had a client that had started a massage practice the previous year. She came in because she thought her beliefs around money and abundance might be the issue for her business not growing as she had hoped. (Her ability was not the issue. She is an excellent masseuse.) Before starting her business, she did a lot of work around abundance and others paying her for her services.

During the session, she realized that money and abundance were not her issues. Her issue had to do with patience and resilience with starting a new business. Success doesn’t happen overnight for most new businesses and does take perseverance along with patience and resilience.

Using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) this is some of what we tapped out:

  • I don’t have what it takes to grow my practice.
  • Others don’t value what I have to offer.
  • I don’t have the resilient and patience to grow my practice.
  • I want to give up and quit now.
  • I don’t think my practice will ever succeed.
  • I’m failing at something I truly love to do.
  • I’m discouraged that my practice isn’t growing.
  • I’m sad that my practice isn’t growing.
  • I’m concerned that I might be sabotaging the growth of my practice.
  • I’m disappointed that my practice isn’t growing.
  • I may not have what it takes to be successful.
  • I’m disappointed that people don’t return for another massage.
  • I’m taking and making the rejection I feel personal.
  • I don’t think the new marketing strategy will work.
  • I don’t have what it takes to be in the service industry.
  • I’m depressed that my efforts aren’t paying off.

@ Tessa Cason, 2022.

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