Is a Negative EFT Tapping Statement Honoring the Inner Critic?


Question: Some of the mis-belief statements in your workbooks parrot my negative self-talk. They sound like my inner critic. I feel like I’m honoring my inner critic when I read or tap some of your EFT tapping statements. Isn’t this counterproductive?

Answer: The mis-belief/dysfunctional statements in my books may sound like our inner critic and/or our negative self-talk. Our inner critic and negative self-talk are our teachers. They are letting us know the dysfunctional beliefs we need to change. We can make statements out of the negative self-talk. These are the statements we need to tap out.

By making a statement that the body would agree with, the body is less likely to sabotage the process. Our beliefs are stored in the subconscious, thus, we only care what the subconscious hears. Subconscious do not hear the word “no.”

For example, let’s say our negative talk goes something like this, “I eat everything in sight. I can’t stop eating.” If we tap the statement, “I can’t stop eating,” the subconscious hears, “I can stop eating. I can stop eating. I can stop eating. I can stop eating.”

To be most effective, the EFT tapping statement needs to agree with the current dysfunctional belief. The current belief is “I can’t stop eating.” The physical body is less likely to sabotage the process because the statement agrees with the current belief. To make changes in our lives, lasting changes, we have to change the current belief in the subconscious. The subconscious does not hear the word “no.” When we say, “I can’t stop eating,” the subconscious hears “I can stop eating.”

© Tessa Cason, 2021.

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