How Affirmations Work

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Are you someone that repeats the same affirmations day after day, year after year, and still waiting for your affirmations to become reality? How’s that working for you? Not so good, huh.

When we make an affirmation, let’s say, “I am rich now” and we are not rich now, stating the affirmation over and over and over again does not mean we will become rich. The reason we are not rich now is a result of our beliefs.

Our beliefs are stored in the subconscious. Making a statement over and over and over does not convince the subconscious to change. By repeating over and over and over “I’m rich now” will not change the beliefs that blocks our wealth now will be become wealth.

In order to be rich now, the beliefs preventing us from ‘being rich now’ need to be changed on a subconscious level.

By making an affirmation, the opportunities to heal the beliefs blocking the affirmation will be presented to us. It’s as if we are presenting a challenge, “Bring it on! I want to be rich now. I’m ready to change the beliefs preventing me from being rich. Bring on the challenges I need so I can change those mis-beliefs. I’m ready to kick butt!”

We will be presented with opportunities to look at our current beliefs. In this example, “I am rich now,” what beliefs are blocking the abundance and being rich now? Will we find out that our inner child is in charge of our checkbook and finances? Are we waiting to hit the lottery? Would we become lazy if we were rich? By making the affirmation “I am rich now,” we will discover all the reasons we are not rich now! This is want needs to be healed to be rich now!

Suggestion for Effective Affirmations: Discover the Beliefs Behind the Affirmation and Tap

Affirmations and Tapping Statements

A: I am rich now.
T: My inner child is in charge of my checkbook and finances.
T: I would we become lazy if I was rich.
T: I don’t know how to manage financial wealth.
T: I will never be rich.

A: I am a money magnet.
T: I am not a money magnet.
T: I don’t have the power to be a money magnet.
T: Money is not attracted to me.
T: It’s not safe to be rich!

A: The Universe supports and assists me in fulfilling my desires.
T: The Universe does not support and assist me in fulfilling my desires.
T: I feel betrayed and abandoned by the Universe.
T: The Universe ignores my needs and wants.
T: I don‘t ask the Universe for assistance.

A: All that I desire appears instantly.
T: All that I desire does not appear instantly.
T: My desires are never fulfilled.
T: Someone else has what I want.
T: I am disappointed that I don’t have what I want.

A: I prosper in everything I do.
T: I don’t prosper in everything I do.
T: I don’t have the courage to be prosperous.
T: Nothing I want ever comes to me.
T: Others would be jealous of me if I was prosperous.

A: Money flows easily into my life.
T: Money does not flows easily into my life.
T: Anything worthwhile is worth working hard for.
T: Money is in limited supply.
T: I have to work hard for my money.

A: I am healthy, wealthy, happy, and wise.
T: I am not healthy, wealthy, happy, and wise.
T: I am not deserving of an abundant life.
T: Once I am prosperous, it will be taken away.
T: I can’t have everything I want.

@ Tessa Cason, 2022.

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