Healing The Self – #1

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300 EFT Tapping Statements for Healing the Self

We live in a complex world with multiple influences. At birth, it starts with our parents and soon afterwards, the influence of other family members (grandparents, siblings, etc.), TV shows, cartoon characters, commercials, and peers.

As we get older, we have the influences of teachers, coaches, tutors, television and movie stars, pop stars, sports heroes, and so many other influences.

  • Who are you? Who is your authentic self? Do you know?
  • Are you living your version of your life or someone else’s?
  • Did you change for the “love of your life,” for the significant other in your life?
  • Do you/did you change you to be someone who you think others would accept? Did you change you to “fit in” with a group of people you wanted to hang out with? Do you hide your “uniqueness” so you can fit in? Are you a round peg trying to fit into a square hole?
  • Do you like yourself? Are you someone you would hang out with and be friends with?
  • Do you live a fulfilling life?
  • Do you feel you matter, that you care about you? Do you accept yourself just the way you are?
  • Do you need to be perfect? Are you a people-pleaser, trying to please others?
  • Are you first or last on your priority list? Are your needs as important as others?
  • Are you comfortable being yourself? Are you congruent, do you walk your talk?
  • Do you feel you are less than and not as good as others, that you are inferior to others?
  • Do you feel alive inside, excited about your life?
  • Are you sleeping your life away, wishing you could be invisible?
  • Do you feel lonely, sad, and afraid?
  • Do you love, accept, and cherish yourself?
  • Do you feel whole and complete?

Once we are able to recognize, acknowledge, and take ownership of all of us, we then have the power to change the dysfunctional beliefs and emotions.

Once the dysfunctional beliefs and emotions are eliminated, we will naturally gravitate to our authentic, whole, happy self that values this precious gift we call “Life.”

Earth is our classroom that gives us the opportunity to explore and discover ourselves.

EFT Tapping Statements:

  • I don’t know who I am.
  • I’m not living my version of my life.
  • I change me to fit in with others.
    *I don’t like myself.
  • I am not living a fulfilling life.
  • I don’t matter.
  • I don’t accept myself just the way I am.
  • I have to be perfect.
  • I am a people-pleaser.
  • I am last on my priority list.
  • I am not comfortable being myself.
  • I don’t walk my talk.
  • I feel less than others.
  • I feel inferior to others.
  • I don’t feel excited about my life.
  • I wish I was invisible.
  • I feel lonely, sad, and afraid.
  • I don’t cherish or love myself.
  • I am not whole and complete just as I am.

© Tessa Cason, 2021.

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