Healing The Self – #2

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300 EFT Tapping Statements for Healing the Self

When we break a bone or have a deep laceration, we end up in the emergency room at the hospital with a doctor setting the fracture in a cast or stitching the cut closed. The body’s Infinite Wisdom, without us needing to tell it what to do, completes the healing process and mends the fracture or cut.

Healing the mental and emotional selves aren’t quite as easy. Healing the self requires effort on our part. Time does not heal all.

Every hurt, every pain carries within it a gift, a jewel, a valuable lesson, that once harvested, once understood, will reap great benefits from this time forth. The lesson we learn now are the tools and skills we need for a happier, more successful tomorrow. Healing may not be possible if we don’t understand the blessing.

Healing the emotions and mental self begins with a decision to heal. It is a choice. Will you continue to allow your hurt, story, and/or pain to control and impact your current life. If you want to hold on to the anger, who are you really punishing? Them or you? What are the pay-offs for holding onto the pain, onto the hurt? Do you “lead” with your wound to control others, to manipulate others? Who do you get to blame? What guarantee are you looking for? Who do you want to hurt?

The game of life does not build character, it reveals it.

The beliefs we have about ourselves precede and dictate our thoughts, feelings, actions, reactions, choices, decisions, and experiences. The dysfunctional beliefs keep us from love, peace, and joy, the higher altitudes.

When we are in the lower altitudes on the David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness, we are controlled by the emotions of the lower altitudes. Shame, guilty, fear, and anger control how we perceive who we are, how we act and respond. Our decisions, choices, and actions are made by the unhealthy, dysfunctional emotional self.

When we are in the higher altitudes, we experience the emotions and when ready, we heal them and move on.

Working through and healing the dysfunctional beliefs will lead us to love, peace, and joy.

EFT Tapping Statements:
* I am beyond repair.
* I lack accountability.
* I am not worth loving.
* I deflect compliments.
* I lack vision for my life.
* My life lacks structure.
* My life is in total chaos.
* I am my own worst critic.
* I lack emotional maturity.
* I don’t live in the present.
* I hide behind a wall of fat.
* I am very critical of myself.
* I don’t take initiative in life.
* I allow others to define me.
* I sleepwalk through my life.
* I cannot get my act together.
* I cannot earn love or respect.
* I avoid challenging situations.
* I allow my issues to define me.
* I believe my negative self-talk.

© Tessa Cason, 2021.

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