Healing from the Loss of a Loved One (Part 2of 3)

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15 May 2021

Grief is more than sadness. It is more than unhappiness. Grief is a loss. Something of value is gone. Grief is an intense loss that breaks our heart. Loss can be the death of a loved one, a pet, a way of life, a job, a marriage, one’s own imminent death. Grief is real.

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross described five states of grief. These states are not sequential, they may coexist with other states, be completely skipped, occur intermittently, or repeat themselves. She believed that grief was a continuously evolving process that offers potential for growth.

The five states are:
* Denial
* Anger
* Bargaining
* Depression
* Acceptance.

Over time, unhealed grief becomes anger, resentment, blame, righteousness, and/or remorse. We become someone that we are not. It takes courage to move through the grief and all the emotions buried deep within. The depth of our pain lets us know that someone or something was very important to us. The depth of our pain also lets us know that there is a depth to us.

EFT Tapping can help to heal our grief- the loss of a loved one.

21. None of it makes sense.
22. I miss them all the time.
23. I pretend that I am okay.
24. My life is pointless now.
25. I feel physically drained.
26. I miss my life with them.
27. I am lost in a depression.
28. I feel listless and lifeless.
29. I lost me when I lost them.
30. I am unable to concentrate.
31. I feel so isolated and alone.
32. My joy died when they did.
33. I’m tired of hearing clichés.
34. I’m just existing, not living.
35. I don’t know how to grieve.
36. My grief will go on forever.
37. I can’t stop asking, “Why?”
38. I miss who I was with them.
39. I don’t want to feel the pain.
40. They are never coming back.

© Tessa Cason, 2021.

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