Emotional Significance of The Arms

Closeup shot of an unrecognizable man standing with his arms crossed against a grey background


The arms are a way in which we express our beingness. The arms hug, touch, and caress others or they can be used as weapons, to attack. They can lift and carry or push and repel.

Upper Arm: Is about discouragement, despair, hopelessness. It is feeling powerless, angry, disappointed, troubled, gloomy, and downcast.

Lower Arm: Restlessness, fear of doing the wrong thing, fear of being inferior. It is about feeling helpless, insecure, apprehensive, and/or fidgety.

Folding the Arms create a protective barrier, between ourselves and others. Notice where the arms are folded, what needs and wants to be protected…our heart, base or root chakras?

Difficulties With the Arm Might Be About:
* Resistance.
* Wanting to keep something or someone at arm’s length.
* Blocking the flow and/or expression of our thoughts and feelings.
* Feeling helpless, unable to control the circumstances of our life.
* Giving up, stopped caring, and/or stopped feeling.
* Pushing something/someone away, preventing them from getting to close. Keeping life, people, situations, and/or love at a distance.

Questions at The Onset of the Pain or Difficulties:
* Was there someone or something you pushed away?
* Were you feeling hopeless about something?
* Did something happen that you are feeling disappointment?
* Have you been feeling more restless?
* Did something happen that made you feel disempowered?

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