EFT Tapping Statements for Success

Success quote in geometric style

The road to success has many tempting parking places.
Steve Potter

* Success people are dreamers with their feet firmly planted in reality.
* The challenge of working toward their dreams and goals is just as exciting as the fulfillment of them.
* Overcoming each obstacle strengthens their resolve.
* They know that each lesson they learn from failure brings them closer to success.
* Their focus is on the goal.
* Successful people know they will succeed before there is evidence of their success.

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EFT Tapping Statements for Success:

* I don’t expect to succeed.
* My identity is that of a failure.
* I don’t learn from my mistakes.
* I procrastinate and make excuses.
* I chose defeat over determination.
* I lack the courage to be successful.
* I am not willing to jump into the void.
* I give up when obstacles block my way.
* I don’t have what it takes to be successful.
* Success is the answer to all my problems.
* I don’t know how to strategize for success.
* Only the strong and powerful can succeed.

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