EFT Tapping Statements for Loving Ourselves

I love me!1024_1

“Wherever you go, there you will be”

The most important relationship we will ever have will be with ourselves. When we don’t love ourselves, we are teaching others that they, too, should not love us.

The beliefs we have about ourselves dictate what happens in our lives, how we are treated, and what we expect out of life.

EFT Tapping can heal the mis-beliefs we have that prevent us from loving ourselves.

EFT Tapping Statements for Loving Our Selves.

1. I feel empty inside.
2. I minimize my desires.
3. I lack vision for my life.
4. I don’t feel authentic or genuine.
5. I stopped growing a long time ago.
6. I’m defective, broken, and flawed.
7. I’m emotionally flat, listless, and numb.
8. I don’t feel deserving, worthy, or lovable.

© Tessa Cason, 2020.

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