EFT Tapping for Victim

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You cannot make footprints in the sands of time if you are sitting on your butt and who wants to make butt prints in the sand of time?
Bob Moawad

Caroline Myss teaches us that there are 4 universal archetypes, archetypes that we all have. The Victim is one of the universal archetypes, an archetype we all have. (The child, saboteur, and the prostitute are the other three.)

An archetype is a universal set of behaviors that would describe a pattern or a role. Mother, teacher, athlete, organizer, politician, we would know the behaviors of each of these archetypes. Just as in life, each archetype has duality. Mother could be the benevolent mother or mommy dearest (the not-so-benevolent mother).

The victim also has duality. We can be the victim or our victim can let us know when we are about to be victimized, when we are in our victimhood, and/or when someone else is playing victim.

The beliefs we have about ourselves, about being powerful, about being successful will determine how much we play victim. If we believe in ourselves, if we are moving toward our dreams, if we face each challenge that life puts on our path, the less likely we will want to be a victim.

If we believe that everything is hopeless, we are hopeless, and that nothing will ever change, this is the best it gets, we will see the world through the lens of victimhood.

To change our lives, to give up the lens of victimhood, we need to delete on a subconscious level those mis-beliefs of our victimhood. EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) will allow us to delete the mis-beliefs on a subconscious level.

EFT tapping statements for Victim:

  • I am a failure.
  • I am a mistake.
  • I am indecisive.
  • I feel inadequate.
  • I am incompetent.
  • I anticipate disaster.
  • I feel small and weak.
  • I am not good enough.
  • I need other’s approval.
  • I tolerate the intolerable.
  • I feel like a helpless victim.
  • I have to play my life small.
  • I deny my emotional needs.
  • I am helpless and hopeless.
  • I am full of shame and guilt.
  • I am stupid, dumb, and bad.
  • I am controlled by my anger.
  • I set myself up to be a victim.
  • My identity is that of a victim.
  • I don’t see myself as a winner.
  • I am a victim of circumstances.
  • I am easily taken advantage of.
  • I get attention when I am sick.
  • I let my victimhood limit my life.
  • I am not worthy of what I want.
  • I blame others for my problems.
  • My behavior is self-destructive.
  • I have no clue what I want in life.
  • I set myself up to be victimized.
  • I am not aware when I play victim.
  • I make mountains out of molehills.
  • I blame others for my unhappiness.
  • I am not able to pursue my dreams.
  • I don’t know how to reinvent myself.
  • I am not accountable or responsible.
  • I am not smart, talented, or capable.
  • I crave approval, attention, and love.
  • I turn every crisis into a catastrophe.

@ Tessa Cason, 2022.

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