EFT Tapping for The Shadow Self

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Being a victim and feeling sorry for ourselves is a way in which the world revolves around us. It’s about our pain, our betrayals, our losses, our destruction, our hopelessness, our rejections, our suffering. It is about not taking responsibility for our thoughts or actions or any aspect of our lives.

We all have a victim, a shadow, and behaviors that are destructive and detrimental to our well-being. Yet, if we listen, these parts of us can be our teachers. They can show us what needs to be healed. They point out when we are playing victim, not taking responsibility for our lives, blaming others, and/or avoiding life. Who better to teach us how to catch a thief than a thief?

Our shadow is that dark side, the side we would not like to hang out on our clothesline or display on a resume. Yet it is a side that is there, one that can either help us on our life’s journey or present a formidable obstacle. If we are wise, we learn to embrace our shadow and see it as a helpful aspect of ourselves, one that can lend depth and beauty to our personality. Our first tendency, however, is to see our shadow as an abomination, an anomaly, something that we would do better to write off and forget about.

Father Paul Keenan

EFT Tapping for Shadow Self:

  • I stretch the truth.
  • I’m damaged goods.
  • I will never be enough.
  • My fears keep me safe.
  • I am my own worst critic.
  • Inner peace is an illusion.
  • I am a master of disguise.
  • I am my own worst enemy.
  • I am a master manipulator.
  • My shadow keeps me safe.
  • I will never have any value.
  • My shadow keeps me stuck.
  • I am the ultimate pessimist.
  • It is a corrupt and evil world.
  • I am insensitive and uncaring.
  • My shadow loves to play victim.
  • I feel lost, confused, and afraid.
  • I fight with others for no reason.
  • My shadow destroys my dreams.
  • My shadow sabotages my health.
  • I will not give up my addiction(s).
  • I don’t want to give up my anger.
  • My shadow wants to destroy me.
  • I want to keep the shame buried.
  • My shadow keeps my heart black.
  • My shadow enjoys terrorizing me.
  • My shadow keeps me stuck in hell.
  • My shadow makes sure I am poor.
  • My shadow is jealous and envious.
  • My shadow puts me in harm’s way.
  • My shadow robs me of my serenity.
  • My shadow robs me of my success.
  • My shadow does not care about me.
  • My shadow is to blame for my anger.
  • My shadow is full of piss and vineger.
  • I bully others to hide my insecurities.
  • My shadow sabotages my happiness.
  • I play martyr to hide my lack of talent.
  • My shadow is in control of my actions.
  • My shadow destroys my relationships.
  • My shadow robs me of feeling secure.
  • My shadow is full of grief and sadness.
  • I am helpless to overcome my shadow.
  • My shadow keeps me stuck in self-pity.
  • My shadow is more powerful than I am.

@ Tessa Cason, 2022.

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