EFT Tapping for Survival with EFT Tapping Statements


Survival may be one of the most important topics we can work through.

I believe that our beliefs are programmed into our DNA along with our genetic coding. If this is so and our survival struggles are different than those that our ancestors faced, we may not have the tools and skills needed to handle the survival dangers of the 21st century.

When our survival is threatened, the survival mechanisms programmed into out DNA will be activated. Even though the survival mechanisms needed now may be different from what was needed then, it is the survival mechanisms and beliefs of that time that may be activated.

One hundred years ago, who could have predicted the world we live in today? Over a hundred years ago, in 1910, the life expectancy for a white male was 50 years old, other males 34 years; for white females it was 53½ years and other females, 37½ years. The beliefs they needed to survive were very different than what we need now in this century.

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With EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping, we are able to address and delete outdated beliefs that don’t allow us to move beyond survival.

EFT tapping statements for survival:
* My life is always in crisis.
* My self-confidence sucks.
* Everything feels hopeless.
* I can’t survive on my own.
* I must never rock the boat.
* I am way beyond burn-out.
* I’m stuck in survival mode.
* I’m just existing, not living.
* I will never be able to move beyond survival.
* I am not able to survive in today’s competitive environment.

© Tessa Cason, 2020.

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