EFT Tapping for Self-esteem (Part 2)

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When we have high self-esteem, we accept responsibility for and have a feeling of control over every part of our lives.

When we have low self-esteem, our life and what goes on in it often seem out of control.

When we have high self-esteem, we have a tolerance and respect for all people, along with the belief that they are entitled to the same rights we wish for ourselves.

When we have low self-esteem, we lack basic respect for others. We are intolerant of people and believe they should live the way we want them to.

With high self-esteem, we accept ourselves unconditionally exactly as we are. We appreciate our value as a human being.

When we have low self-esteem, we believe we have little intrinsic worth. We believe our personal value is in direct proportion to the value of our accomplishments.

Jerry Minchinton

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EFT Tapping for Self Esteem
15 October 2021
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Self-worth and self-esteem are about the self, feelings, respect, and pride one has in themselves.

Self-confidence is about a belief in one’s powers, strengths, and abilities. Self-confidence is self-reliance.

We learn self-esteem from, earned love, Dad, between the ages of 7 – 12. (From birth to about age seven, we learn self-love from mom. If mom loves herself, we learn to love ourselves. From about the age of seven to twelve, we learn self-esteem, earned love from dad. From about the age of twelve, we move into and learn about peer love.)

There is something we can do to improve our self esteem. It is called EFT Tapping, Emotional Freedom Technique.

EFT Tapping statements for Self-esteem

* I don’t like myself.
* I shrug off compliments.
* I am not in charge of my life.
* I will never be good enough.
* I wish I could be invisible.
* I am inferior to other people.
* I often fail at ordinary things.
* I must do everything perfectly.
* My worth is related to how well I do anything.

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