EFT Tapping for People Pleaser, The Disease to Please

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The person who seeks all their applause from outside has their happiness in another’s keeping.
Claudius Claudianus

Do you mold yourself to fit someone else’s idea of what and who you should be? Is it your responsibility to make everything right for everyone? Are you tired yet?

People pleasing is not about nice people going too far attempting to please others. It is a debilitating psychological problem with far-reaching, serious consequences. The disease to please is a compulsive, even addictive, behavior pattern. People-pleasers become deeply attached to seeing themselves as nice people. At the core of their niceness is a deep fear of negative emotions.

Were you born a people pleaser? Is “responsibility” your middle name? Are you constantly over committed and spread yourself too thin? EFT can help. EFT which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique is a process that can change the beliefs that lead to being a people pleaser. The process is painless, simple, and quick. Below are five EFT tapping statements to tap out.

EFT tapping statements for People Pleaser, the Disease to Please:

  • I go along to get along.
  • I have a need to be liked.
  • I avoid conflict at all cost.
  • It’s my job to fix everything.
  • I was born a people pleaser.
  • “No” is not in my vocabulary.
  • I defer my agenda for others.
  • I get less grief when I comply.
  • I feel selfish fulfilling my needs.
  • I expect perfection from myself.
  • I rarely delegate tasks to others.
  • I feel guilty when I refuse others.
  • I’ve given up feeling understood.
  • I apologize more than necessary.
  • I won’t be left out if I am needed.
  • I second guess myself constantly.
  • Responsibility is my middle name.
  • My kindness is never reciprocated.
  • I feel selfish asking for what I need.
  • I need the approval of other people.
  • I feel used and manipulated by others.
  • I people please to sidestep difficulties.
  • My stomach is upset and in knots a lot.
  • Being nice protects me from rejection.
  • My people pleasing is really honorable.
  • I am really bothered if I upset someone.
  • I am motivated and manipulated by guilt.
  • I am addicted to having other’s approval.
  • I go along with plans that I disagree with.
  • The real me stays hidden from everyone.
  • I never ask anyone to do anything for me.
  • I am frequently depressed and frustrated.
  • I am afraid of rejection and abandonment.
  • I am afraid of conflicts and confrontations.

@ Tessa Cason, 2022.

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