EFT Tapping for Feeling Less Than

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80 EFT Tapping Statements for Less Than and Anxiety
15 April 2022
12:01 AM – 11:59 PM PT (give or take 30 minutes)

Feeling less than is played out in a cycle of shame, hopelessness, and self-pity. We feel shame about who we are, that we have little value, that we are not good enough. Feeling “less than” spirals down into depression, self-sabotage, and survival.

Being less than and self-esteem are interchangeable.

When we feel less than, we have to be “right.” We need to be right! Beneath the need to be right is a fear of being less than. When we are not right, that means we are less than and that we aren’t enough. The need to be right throws us into survival mode.

Less than creates an illusion of fear…fear of being rejected, abandoned, left out, and/or forgotten.

Feeling less than, feeling sorry for ourselves, and feeling hopeless keeps us stuck in survival. When in survival, it is risky to step outside our comfort zone. Thus the pattern repeats itself over and over and over.

Modern society trains us to achieve, accomplish, and strive to be more. When we are more than, and better than, then we have value, are needed, and feel significant.

Same coin, different side. “Less than” one side, “better than” on the other.

Can we heal our “less than” issues? Absolutely yes!

To make changes in our lives, we have to change the dysfunctional beliefs on the subconscious level. EFT Tapping does just that.

EFT Tapping Statements for Feeling Less Than:

  • I lack self-worth.
  • Life is a struggle.
  • I lack self-esteem.
  • I am full of anxiety.
  • I feel less than others.
  • I will fail if I take a risk.
  • I am inferior to others.
  • I am my harshest critic.
  • I expect to be rejected.
  • I’m caught into survival.
  • I’m afraid of being judged.
  • I am my own worst enemy.
  • I will never be good enough.
  • My needs will not be fulfilled.
  • I live in a constant state of fear.
  • I am uncomfortable with change.
  • I go over and over the “what ifs.”
  • I am drowning in my depression.
  • I feel hopeless when I feel helpless.
  • I feel paralyzed when I am anxious.
  • I turn errors into major catastrophes.
  • I feel anxious about moving forward.
  • I am full of self-doubt and insecurity.

@ Tessa Cason, 2022.

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