EFT Tapping for Fear

The word "Fear" stands out on a printed page otherwise defocused.

Never be afraid to try something new. Amateurs built the ark, professionals built the Titanic.

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15 March 2021
12:01 AM – 11:59 PM PT (give or take 30 minutes)

Fear does not exist in the present. Fear puts us in the future. Something from the past has been remembered. This memory triggers the fear that the same thing will happen again. We are fearful that the ending this time won’t be any different that it was before. We are fearful we will have to go through the same situation again and won’t be able to handle it any better this time than last. We are fearful we will experience the same pain, hurt, and devastation all over again.

I think fear is also anger. Anger that we have the same challenge again. Anger that we might fail again. Anger that the outcome might not be different from before.

Anger is more about the past. Fear is more about the future.

Is fear in charge of your life? Do you feel your fear is more powerful than you are? Does life seem to be frightening and intimidating?

There is something we can do about the fear and/or the anger. EFT tapping.

All of our thoughts and feelings, actions and reactions, choices and decisions are a result of our beliefs. EFT tapping (EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique) is a technique that deletes beliefs that move us away from peace and serenity. Fear and anger move us away from peace and serenity. EFT tapping is a quick and simple process that can create lasting change.

EFT tapping statements for Fear:

* I am full of self-doubt.
* I am paralyzed by fear.
* Fear is in charge of my life.
* I am afraid of making mistakes.
* Fear is my constant companion.
* Fear is more powerful than I am.
* “Just do it,” doesn’t work for me.
* Life is frightening and intimidating.

© Tessa Cason, 2021.

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