EFT Tapping for Depression


Hiding in my room, safe within my womb, I touch no one and no one touches me. I am a rock, I am an island. And a rock feels no pain; And an island never cries.
Paul Simon – From song I Am a Rock

Depression creates an imbalance in the chemicals of the central nervous system. If needed, seek knowledgeable professional attention.

Depression is a debilitating condition, one that sucks all the life out of us. When we are depressed, nothing and no one exist other than the dark cloud we are in. Depression might be anger we think we would get in trouble for having, thus the anger is depressed.

Do you feel like you are a loser, a failure? Does your future seem hopeless? Are you sinking in the quicksand of despair? Are you weighted down by loneliness? EFT tapping might be able to help. EFT which stands for Emotional Freedom Technique is a simple yet very effective process that can desensitize painful emotions and change dysfunctional beliefs.

EFT tapping statements for Depression:

  • I hate myself.
  • I am miserable.
  • I have no hope.
  • I don’t like myself.
  • I feel dead inside.
  • I am a loser, a failure.
  • Life has no meaning.
  • I am self-destructive.
  • Others don’t like me.
  • I don’t laugh anymore.
  • The future looks grim.
  • Life is not worth living.
  • My life has no meaning.
  • Life seems meaningless.
  • Depression rules my life.
  • I often wish I were dead.
  • I make myself miserable.
  • I am barely surviving life.
  • I feel lonely and unloved.
  • No one will ever love me.
  • I feel anxious all the time.
  • I am cynical about my life.
  • I don’t enjoy life anymore.
  • I have no value to anyone.
  • I feel worthless and dumb.
  • I am more dead than alive.
  • I feel blue most of the time.
  • I have lost interest in my life.
  • I feel unloved and unwanted.
  • I’m stuck in a very dark place.
  • My self-worth is non-existent.
  • My life feels hopeless and flat.
  • I’ve lost interest in everything.
  • My downward spiral is endless.
  • I can’t shake the sadness I feel.
  • I stay in bed to escape the pain.
  • My depression is all-consuming.
  • The world is stacked against me.
  • My depression defines who I am.
  • I feel weighted down by loneliness.

@ Tessa Cason, 2022.

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