EFT Tapping for Conflict (Part 2)

Chess - Conflict

Consider how hard it is to change yourself and you will understand what little chance you have in changing others.
Jacob M. Braude

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EFT Tapping for Conflict
15 August 2021
12:01 AM – 11:59 PM PT (give or take 3o minutes

Conflict is obviously about anger. Although, determining the real source of the anger might be a challenge. The primary emotion we see in others is the emotion they feel more comfortable showing. If we see hurt, anger is usually simmering below the surface. If someone is angry, most likely, the anger is hiding the hurt which they may not be comfortable showing. It is the emotion we don’t see that has the greatest impact.

Do you know how to handle conflicts? Do you avoid any and all conflicts? Do you avoid making anyone angry? Do you give in to a bully every time? EFT tapping can help. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and is a quick, simple, and effective process to desensitize painful emotions and change dysfunctional beliefs. Below are EFT tapping statements for conflict that can be tapped out.

EFT tapping statements for Conflict:
* I fight just to be fighting.
* I give in to a bully every time.
* I will not stand up for myself.
* It is not polite to be aggressive.
* Conflicts will not result in peace.
* I avoid any and all confrontations.
* I will not compromise for anyone.
* I avoid making anyone angry at me.
* I take the blame to keep the peace.
* I am mean and cruel in an argument.
* I don’t know how to handle conflicts.
* Fighting is the only way to get my way.
* Others take advantage of my compliance.
* I feel inferior, stupid, and weak in conflicts.
* I pacify the other person to avoid their wrath.


Conflicts are a normal part of life; how we deal with them can make a big difference. Often when people resolve conflicts, one person ends up a winner, and one loses out. This may solve the problem for the moment, but resentment and bad feelings can cause more problems later. Another way to look at conflicts is to try to find a Win-Win solution, in which both sides can benefit. In this way, conflicts are turned into opportunities to grow and make things better.

Robert Alan

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