EFT Tapping for Belonging


Belonging: Union. Attachment. Connection. Love. Friendship. People have a tremendous need to belong with each other. Without Belonging, we feel empty and lonely. Something’s missing when we cannot join.

  • Feeling a joy when we share our life.
  • Needing to believe we are wanted by others.
  • Having a sense of wholeness and completeness.
  • Sharing the deepest parts of ourselves, including our most private thoughts and feelings.
  • Feeling able to say, “Yes, I belong.”
  • Having firm but flexible boundaries to make contact with others without being overwhelmed.
  • Having the ability to feel both loved (now) and lovable (always).
  • Feeling a sense of belonging in non-family groups. Having the ability to feel “at home” outside of the home.
  • Having a spiritual sense that we belong to, with or in something greater than yourself.
  • Feeling assured that there is a place for us in this world.

EFT Tapping Statements for Belonging:

  • I avoid intimacy.
  • I cling to others.
  • I lack social skills.
  • I cannot be alone.
  • No one wants me.
  • I avoid relationships.
  • I will never be loved.
  • I will never be included.
  • I will never be accepted.
  • I don’t belong anywhere.
  • I will always be excluded.
  • I will never fit in anywhere.
  • I will always be an outsider.
  • I know others don’t like me.
  • I always get left out of things.
  • I don’t have what others want.
  • I have never had a good friend.
  • I fear and expect to be rejected.
  • I don’t feel loved and/or lovable.
  • I don’t know how to make friends.
  • Real intimacy is impossible for me.
  • I don’t feel comfortable anywhere.
  • I will never, ever belong anywhere.
  • I will be hurt if I were open to others.
  • I am needy and clingy in relationships.
  • I am not attractive enough to be liked.
  • I’m desperate for someone to love me.
  • I lose my identity being part of a team.
  • I freeze up when around other people.

@ Tessa Cason, 2022.

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