EFT Tapping for a Broken Heart

"Shiny red heart, beat up, cracked and bandaged."

Our bodies have an Infinite Wisdom for healing our physical bodies. When we cut our finger, we don’t have to tell our body what to do to heal the cut. It is capable of mending itself. When we hurt ourselves physically, healing can take place with or without any effort on our part. (This is assuming the body and the environment are healthy.)

Unfortunately, a broken heart and emotional pain are not the same. Healing the heart, healing emotional hurts do require effort on our part. Time does not heal all.

To heal a broken heart, the dysfunctional beliefs must be identified, acknowledged, addressed, resolved, removed, and healed.

The most effective method I have found to heal our dysfunctional beliefs is EFT Tapping.

10 EFT Tapping Statements for Healing a Broken Heart

* I miss “us.”
* I feel empty inside.
* I will always be alone.
* I don’t laugh anymore.
* The tears seem endless.
* I feel physically drained.
* No one will ever love me.
* I lost me when I lost them.
* It’s unbearable being alone.
* I will never find love again.

They are an expression of who we are …mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

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