EFT Tapping Doesn’t Work for Me

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At an EFT Tapping class I taught, one new student that attended the class with a friend, said to me, “EFT doesn’t work for me. I’ve worked with an EFT practitioner without any success or changes in my life. I’m here because my friend dragged me along.”

My response was this: “Our lives only change when we change our beliefs on a subconscious level. If we do not change our beliefs, our lives cannot be any different than they already are. Having an awareness of our issues does not change our lives. Forgiving ourselves and/or someone else does not change our lives. Talk therapy does not change our lives.

“Our beliefs precede everything. All of our thoughts and feelings, all of our actions and reactions, all of our choices and decisions are based on our beliefs. To change our thoughts, to change our actions, to change our choices, we have to change beliefs on a subconscious level where beliefs are stored.

“EFT tapping may not have failed you. Maybe the practitioner failed you or what you were saying while you were tapping was not powerful enough.”

The very first EFT tapping statement I have clients and students tap is “It is not okay or safe for my life to change.” I have muscle tested hundreds of people. Not one person tested strong that it was okay or safe for their life to change. How effective can EFT or any therapy be if it isn’t okay or safe for our lives to change? Isn’t that the reason we are doing therapy?

Not all EFT practitioners are equal. When EFT tapping doesn’t work for you, it might be more about the practitioner than EFT. Not all teachers or dentist or surgeons are the same. Some are better than others.

For EFT Tapping to be effective, the statements much hit the mark. The statements much be perfectly worded to address the beliefs on a subconscious level while appeasing the physical body. What we say as we tap is very important!

@ Tessa Cason, 2022.

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