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15 April 2021

Did you see the movie Pleasantville? Tobey Maguire and Reese Witherspoon star as two siblings who are trapped in a 1950s black and white TV show, set in a small Midwest town where everything is seemingly perfect. Twins David and Jennifer (Tobey and Reese) must pretend they are Bud and Mary Sue Parker, the son and daughter of the TV show.

Slowly, the town begins changing from black and white to color as the townspeople begin to experience emotions and personal transformation.

Experiencing emotions is like adding color to a black and white movie or TV show. Color adds a depth, enjoyment, and pleasure to the movie. Emotions add depth, enjoyment, and pleasure to our lives.

Emotions add animation to our lives. Emotions give our lives the richness, warmth, and vastness of life. They give our lives meaning and fullness. Without emotions, our lives miss the depth of what life has to offer. Without emotions, our lives would be as boring as watching a black and white movie.

The emotions of fear, grief, anger, hurt, disappointment, depression, apathy, and guilt can be devastating and paralyzing. When we are experiencing these not-so-fun emotions, it is an indication that something needs to be healed if we want to move forward with our lives.

Fear is that sense of dread, knots in the stomach, chill that runs down our spine, and the inability to breathe. We all know it. Fight-Flight-Freeze.

All fears begin as anxiety. Anxiety is the combination of unidentified anger, self-pity, hurt, and fear.

Grief is more than sadness. It is more than unhappiness. Grief is a loss. Something of value is gone. Grief is an intense loss that breaks our heart. Loss can be the death of a loved one, a pet, a way of life, a job, a marriage, one’s own imminent death. Grief is real. Over time, unhealed grief becomes anger, resentment, blame, righteousness, and/or remorse. We become someone we are not.

Anger and frustration are natural emotions. Anger is not in itself right or wrong, healthy or unhealthy, appropriate or inappropriate. It is the expression of anger that makes it right or wrong, healthy or unhealthy, appropriate or inappropriate.

Unhealthy anger is when anger is directed toward another for the purpose of being hurtful and to do harm. Wrong and inappropriate anger is when anger is violent and is used to punish, intimidate, control, and manipulate. Anger that is repressed and aggressive is unhealthy anger. It is unhealthy to stuff, ignore, and/or pretend the anger does not exist.

* Resentment is unexpressed anger.

* Passive-aggressive is anger meant to inflict pain.

* Rage is abusive anger filled with feelings of fear, sadness, shame, inadequacy, guilt, and/or loss.

* Guilt might be anger we don’t feel we have a right to have.

* Depression might be anger we think we would get in trouble for having, thus we depress the anger.

* Unresolved anger can lead to serious physical and mental health problems, such as heart disease, stroke, depression, and anxiety.

* Suppressed anger can lead to depression, violence, or obsession. Old, suppressed anger can emerge at any time in response to a present situation. The response may be inappropriate, reactive, and might have nothing to do with the present situation.

To make changes in our lives, we have to recognize, acknowledge, and take ownership of that which we want to transform. If we don’t want what we already have, we have to change the dysfunctional beliefs on a subconscious level.

To change the dysfunctional beliefs on a subconscious level, we need a powerful tool that can change the dysfunctional beliefs on a subconscious level. EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) is one such tool that will allow us to transform the dysfunctional beliefs on a subconscious level.

Tapping Statements:

* It hurts to feel.
* I feel dead inside.
* Feelings are painful.
* I depress my feelings.
* I am paralyzed by fear.
* My pain will never end.
* I am emotionally fragile.
* My feeling don’t matter.
* I run away from my pain.
* I don’t know how to feel.
* I am an emotional wreck.
* I deny my emotional needs.
* I numb out rather than feel.

© Tessa Cason, 2021.

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