Can Our Basic Needs Change?

Adventure is waiting

Just recently I was asked by a student in a class if our basic needs could change? She said that her basic needs were “Security” and “Accomplishment.” Now they were switching to Adventure and Connection.

We have been working on clearing all the survival mis-beliefs. In survival, security is a must and adventure is not valued. When we no longer have the Fight-Flight- Freeze trigger, we can enjoy life as an adventure.

In survival, connections are not valued. Fear, anger, anxiety are valued emotions which don’t lend themselves well to relationships. Thus, we push people away when we are in survival.

As she was processing and healing her survival issues, her needs were shifting from security to adventure and accomplishments to connection.

So the answer is yes, our basic needs can change depending on our values, the beliefs and mis-beliefs controlling our lives, and our evolution.

There are six Basic Needs:
* Security & Certainty
* Variety & Adventure
* Being Unique & Accomplishments
* Belonging & Connection
* Growth & Learning
* Making A Difference & Contribution

© Tessa Cason, 2020.

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