Box Exercise

Cardboard boxes. Similar photographs from my portfolio:

I would like you to try something.

Please read this paragraph, then if you like, follow the instructions given. Once you have completed the exercise, I will tell you how to interpret what you saw and/or felt.

* Close your eyes.
* In front of you, see a box.
* Look at the dimensions of the box. How wide is the box? How tall is the box? How deep is the box?
* Once you have the dimensions in relationship to each other, width, height, depth, open your eyes.

That’s it for the instructions. Relax, close your eyes, and see your box.

This box represents your Success Box.
* The width of your box has to do with the number of areas you allow yourself to be successful.
* The height is the amount of success you will allow yourself in those areas.
* The depth has to do with the amount of fulfillment you will allow yourself to feel from your success.

The beliefs we have about ourselves, about success, and about our ability to be successful will have everything to do with our level of success, with the width, height, and depth of our success.

One client described her box like a coffin. Really wide, not very deep, and not very tall. She allowed herself a little bit of success in a lot of areas of her life, but didn’t really feel fulfilled by the successes she did have.

Another client described his box as being really tall, very, very narrow, and having little depth, like a wooden match. He was an exceptional talented carpenter. Unfortunately, when he would be paid for a job, he would spend the money on alcohol and drink until the money was gone. He did not feel any fulfillment from the exquisite pieces of art he would create.

Success Box. What does your box tell you about the amount of success you allow yourself and how you feel about your successes?

© Tessa Cason, 2020.

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